How much to tip a valet


Many of us have used a valet parking service in the past whether we were at a hotel, restaurant or at a private event. Sometimes valet parking is complimentary and other times there is a fee charged for the service. With either situation it’s customary for a person to tip the valet for the service of parking and retrieving your vehicle.

The amount of the tip depends on how generous you are feeling. If the valet showed great customer service and hustle then reward them with a little extra. Most people tip a valet a minimum of $2- $5 on their way out. If you have a special vehicle or want it parked close by then explain your situation to the valet and tip them $5-$10 on the way in and the same amount on the way out.

If you really want the valets to start talking you can throw out a $100 bill and you’ll be remembered for ever.

The bottom line is that a tip for service is customary no matter what location you are visiting. Valet’s work hard to make sure you don’t have worry about the hassles of parking on a hill, in the rain, cold or on a dark street a mile away. Most valets are hard working individuals either going to school or working a second job to earn a little extra money to raise a family and they appreciate your generosity.

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